Maritime mediator

Professional profile
The EMCI certified maritime mediator is a neutral and independent mediator whom assists the parties to voluntary discussions and negotiations where the parties jointly, without the intervention of the court, under the leadership of the mediator, create a solution and establish a binding final document.
Characteristics mediation procedure
  • Maximum result, short lead time, no waiting, future oriented
  • Low cost (many legal aid insurances will reimburse the cost!)
  • All parties share the costs on the basis of a certain scale which they themselves have set.
  • Participation is voluntary
  • All parties and the mediator, may stop the procedure.
  • Confidentiality during the procedure
  • Suspension / detention of other ongoing procedures (if possible)
  • The mediator puts the assignment set in a starting document or coaching contract.
  • The end result is recorded in a final document or settlement.
ADR Register for arbitrators and mediators
The registration and certification of arbitrators, mediators, conflictcoaches and negotiators is conducted by the ADR Register.
ADR Register and EMCI Register are subsidiaries of Global Network Group.
If a person is registered | certified as a mediator with the ADR Register, is a maritime professional and currently operates in the maritime sector this person is also registered as EMCI maritime mediator.
All EMCI maritime mediators have to comply with the ADR code of conduct and the ADR procedure requirements.
If you want to register and certify as EMCI maritime mediator contact ADR Register.